My aim is to share my passion for yoga with the local community. Yoga is an awesome exercise practice, I firmly believe that everybody can benefit from a yoga asana practice and I know that my students get a lot more than exercise when they step on the mat.

I began my career in fitness in 1994, as I frequented my local gym so much that the owner asked me to cover the group fitness classes, so I then qualified as a fitness instructor and taught a wide variety of choreographed classes. Purely through a need to stretch and find time for myself my journey into yoga began, and I started to understand there was a lot more to stepping on my mat than exercise.

However, I was still very driven by the need for intensity in my workouts and living in the Isle of Man limited the scope to experience the vast styles of yoga that existed. In 2007, I moved to the USA and started to attend The Bikram College of Yoga. I’d found a yoga style that completely resonated with me and a great studio with fabulous instructors (Bikram Hall Street).

In 2013, I felt the need to change direction and with the push from my Husband, I travelled to Rishikesh India to study more yoga also to gain the hours to register with Yoga Alliance. I then travelled to Bali (nope it’s not my eat, pray, love story, although I was tempted to go to Italy!) to study children’s yoga and teach at Green School in Ubud.

I teach a flowing style, Hatha Iyengar based, I like to use some kundalini yoga to start my classes to add interest to the pranayama (breathing) exercises and I’ve started to study Yin Yoga, so depending on the class we also have restorative asanas as well.

My biggest realisation is I teach because it makes me a better student. In yoga, there is so much to learn and I love working out the modifications for students who have used bodies, seeing progress is amazing and my new favourite quote you’ll often hear me say is “practice in the body you have today”.

So that’s me, my leaving thoughts to you are… The hardest part is stepping on to the mat. Try all types of yoga and you’ll find a style or teacher that inspires you. It’d be great if it was me & I hope to see you on your mat soon.