I am Mona, I practice and teach yoga, love music and travelling. I enjoy sharing & listening to everyone’s unique life stories and their journeys. My journey in Yoga started in 2014. Yoga has brought me closer to myself and helped me become the person that I am now. I was mainly drawn to Vinyasa style yoga because it was a good balance between strength & flexibility, and most especially, it gave me the knowledge and skills about the use of breath.

I decided to do my first 200-hour Vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2015 that led me towards my search for a deeper meaning in life. 2017 was when I found myself in Himalayan Institute, Pennsylvania doing my 500-hour Advanced teacher training about teaching Yoga for health and balance for a deeper physical and psychological strategies that involved Hatha Yoga and Meditation.  In 2019, I discovered my love for Restorative Yoga under Cyndi Lee.

My curiosity about Yoga has improved my life and how I managed stress & anxiety from my daily life. It has impacted me physically, emotionally and believe that my journey in yoga led me to discover my true self. I would love nothing more but to share this journey with you. Together we can achieve a balanced state of mind, a healthier body, blissful spirit and harmonious life.