Shaun started practicing Yoga in 2012 and was hooked after his very first class.

Unfortunately, 2 weeks after his first class he had a motorbike accident and ended up with his left hand and arm in plaster for 6 weeks. The day after his cast was removed he was back in the room practicing.

At that time he was working as a prison officer and found his practice to be extremely beneficial for his mental health as well as his physical health.

In 2015, after 10 years as an officer, he was ready for a change so when the opportunity arose for him to do my teacher training he knew it was meant to be. He resigned from work and dedicated himself to his study. He graduated in July 2015, shortly after he completed a Yin teacher training as well.

After 10 years in the corrections industry, he is enjoying being able to teach from the heart and having a connection with his students.